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A great way to say “Thank You” to God

Monthly theme: Why Wellness?

Reading time: two minutes.

“For all this…” is the reason. Self-care is the what.

Why wellness? So far this month we’ve discussed resilience, longevity, and witness to the gospel.

The fourth answer to “Why wellness?” is “Thank and praise, serve and obey.”

When Luther recounts all of God’s goodness to us in the Creed’s Explanation, he wraps it up with the appropriate response, “For all this it is my duty to thank and praise, serve and obey Him.”

Welcoming the healing, restoring grace of Christ into every area of your life is a great way to express gratitude to our great and loving God!

Wellness is a sign of Thanks to a Father who cares for you.

We could never pay him back for his faithfulness, his provision, for his mercy and grace shown us in Christ our Lord, or for his daily comfort and care.

But welcoming his healing touch of undeserved kindness by being a faithful recipient of Word and Sacrament is the expression of thanks our Lord desires.

Learning to forgive and to seek forgiveness the way he intends is self-care, and a sign of gratitude.

Enjoying his good gifts of sleep, healthy food, and a walk in the sunshine not only benefits us greatly, it shows our appreciation.

A healthy life is a great thank you “For all this…”

Wellness is an act of Praise.

When we exhibit the joy of a life lived in grace, we’re not giving testimony to what a great job we’re doing of taking care of ourselves; we’re giving testimony to the work of God in our lives. Despite our poor decisions, lack of appropriate boundaries and faltering worship, God still heals, blesses, restores and sends us out to serve.

A healthy lifestyle is a way to say, “God did this!” That’s an act of praise.

Wellness is for the sake of service.

We’ve discussed this often. We serve best when fortified by the Word of God and celebration of baptismal grace and the presence of Christ in the Holy Supper.

We serve best when rested and fed well.

We serve best from a place of harmony and peace at home and at church.

We serve best with a humbled attitude toward the privilege of the call into ministry.

It is our duty to serve. We serve best when at our best.

Wellness is an act of obedience.

I love Paul’s call to obedience in the gospel context of Ephesians. He begins chapter 4 with a “For all this…” flowing out of the beautiful gospel proclamation of the preceding chapters.

As a servant of the Lord, therefore (“For all this…”) I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”

Clearly, Paul is referring to himself as the servant, but isn’t there a little hint that I’m the servant he’s talking about? “As a servant, live a life of obedience.”

Why wellness? Living in the joy of life with God, life with others and life in ministry is a great way to thank and praise, serve and obey.

Thanks for reading.