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A Prayer for Vocational Wellbeing

Praying time: less than three minutes. Joy in ministry is a good sign of a balanced, healthy life.  I pray constantly for God’s gift of joy for you!  Gob bless your endeavors in the ministry of God’s Word. Dear Father in heaven, what a joy it is for me to be called into the most high and holy calling of Pastorpreachingall, sharing the saving love of Jesus Christ with others.  Even the angels of heaven must be jealous of me.  I am privileged to bring “good news of great joy for all people.”  Thank you, Father, for the unique opportunity of this calling.It is Your good and gracious will that all people would be saved, that everyone on earth would know by faith the good news that I am so blessed to know.  Your Word is truth.  Your Word is power to turn hearts.  Your Word tells of salvation and even works salvation.  How humbling it is for me to consider that I have been trusted by You and by Your Church to be a bearer of that Word to others. I need You help, Lord.  I’m reminded of Pastor Luther who prayed, “If left to myself, I certainly would have brought it all to nothing.”  The harvest is so plentiful, and I am so weak.  I feel overwhelmed by the task.  It is way beyond my strength. I need the faith of Mary, to confess that I am only Your servant.  It’s by Your power and might Teacherkidsalone that this ministry entrusted to me can be fruitful. And so I take confidence in the testimony of the faithful servants of the Word who have gone before me.  I cherish the stories of scripture that consistently reveal Your power in the midst of human weakness.  I cherish the history of Your holy Christian Church on earth that reveals the same.  I thank you especially for my own mentors in ministry… and… and ….  Bless my humble efforts after their own example. The fruit of the Spirit is gentleness.  Whenever my sinful pride rears its ugly head, thinking that this is my classroom, my pulpit, my church, restore to me the humility and gentleness of my Savior, who took up the basin and towel and washed the feet of others. Give me faith to see the ways that You have in the past used even such humble efforts as my own for the advancement of Your kingdom in the hearts and lives of those I have been privileged to serve.  Give me faith also to see beyond my present weariness, frustrations and the obstacles that lie before me. Point me forward to that glorious day of Christ’s return in glory when all who have heard and PastorPrayingbelieve will give You glory and honor because Your Spirit has worked faith in our hearts.  Give me confidence that because You are at work in this ministry, Your Word, like rain from heaven, will not return to You without having effect. Give me courage to continue on in this ministry in spite of hardship and trial, knowing that because this is Your ministry and I am but Your servant, Your hand will be upon me through every day of this journey. Dear Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.  Thy kingdom come.  Amen. Thanks for praying with me.  dz Our ministry is made possible by the generous donations of people just like you. Click here to discover how simple it is to make your gift of any size to Grace Place Wellness. Do you know someone who might be interested in becoming a major benefactor to sponsor a retreat in your area? Our President/CEO Randy Fauser would love to hear from you today!