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A Summer Spiritual Refresher!

Reading time: two minutes. Our summer, “Be nice to yourself and refresh a little” series moves on to spiritual wellbeing. We like to define spiritual wellbeing as the life long journey of receptivity  to the gifts of the Holy Spirit delivered to His people in Word and Sacrament.  A summer refresher might be trying on a new practice of the classical spiritual disciplines. It’s very important to develop habits that fit our own personality and temperament, but it’s also a good practice to shake things up once in a while, to make sure we don’t fall into a spiritual rut and to approach God’s Word in new and creative ways.  The message is the same, but sometimes it needs delivery to a new address because I’ve moved. Here are a couple suggestions to get you thinking… New time of day.  I’m a morning person, but sometimes when traveling my quiet time with the Lord moves to a different part of the day: noontime or evening.  It’s different, snaps me to attention and refreshing. Fasting.  Jesus said, “When you fast…” not “If”.  The idea behind fasting is to break a pattern, to interrupt the regular cycle of life in order to draw attention and focus to the Lord.  What would you go without for a few weeks this summer?  Eat vegetarian for a while?  Sit outside instead of in front of the TV?  Be creative. Prayer books.  If you have a favorite, try a new one.  I’ve got some suggestions.  If you don’t, try it for a while.  Or put your prayer books away and just talk to Jesus for a few weeks.  Refresh! Solitude/Silence.  I suggested a baptismal mini-retreat last week.  How about a daily or few times a week short break, an hour or less, just to be quiet in God’s presence? Service.  Washing the feet of an under-served group in your area can be a great way to reflect upon our Lord’s own love and grace towards us.  Could you find time this summer to help out at an agency or a ministry that your really appreciate, but haven’t volunteered for lately? The spiritual disciplines open us to the presence of God and break us free from the mundane.  Summertime might be a good time to try a new mundane interrupter! Thanks for reading.  Subscribe to Blog A Congregational Wellness Weekend is designed to help create a ministry environment at your church or school where professional church workers can thrive and serve joyfully in their calling at top capacity. Let’s start the conversation today! Find more information on our website or contact Program Director Darrell Zimmerman to learn more.