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A Wellness Plan Is Simple

A Wellness Plan Is Simple

Don’t overdo it.

We’ve helped people write wellness plans at our retreats for over 20 years. Most people, on the final days of the retreat, tend to overdo it.

They try to plan to do way too much all at once.

I try to say over and over, “Just this one thing. Just find this one thing!” (No, not the finger I’m shaking at you.)

Just find that one simple thing you could do that would take you on your next steps of the wellness journey.

So what’s the first step?

Next week we’ll discuss in more detail why wellness plans must be personalized. Only you can choose where you will begin; spiritual, relational, physical wellbeing, etc.

But what’s clear for all of us is that your first step needs to be just one step.

Our friends on retreat will often report on the last day something like, “I’m going to walk three miles a day, read the whole Bible in four months, and have a date night every Thursday!”

They apparently weren’t listening the previous day when we discussed over-functioning!

Pick your topic. Find one simple thing you can do, a reasonable, doable thing you can do, and try it for a while.

Jesus shows up in the ordinary places.

Looking for mountaintop experiences can be thrilling, but not very productive. Jesus showed up on mountaintops, to be sure.

But more often, Jesus showed up in common, ordinary places.

He still does.

Don’t set a plan to run a marathon. Choose to eat a healthy breakfast every day. Or pick one empty calorie offender and saying, “I don’t eat that.”

Don’t try to be the most romantic person on earth. Choose to ask, “Honey, how are you?” more often.

Remember your baptism when you see a drinking fountain.


Get down on the floor with a child you love. Simple.

Turn off your phone once a day. Simple.

Wellness is enhanced through the simple habits we practice and develop one at a time. Steps forward, not 400 meter high hurdles.

Give attention to how each of these moments is a moment of grace. Watch Jesus show up in your conversation. In the hug. In an apple.

With his healing grace.

Thanks for reading.

You’ll find more guidance for developing a simple wellness plan in our new book, “Reclaiming the Joy of Ministry: The Grace Place Way to Church Worker Wellness” available now!