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Are you redeemed or healed (or both)?

Monthly theme: Daily Healing Reading time; two minutes It’s perhaps deliberately ambiguous: saved or healed? In Acts 4, the disciples healed a lame man, then proclaimed that there is no other name under heaven by which we are saved. But it’s the same word: sodzo. Kittel’s Dictionary suggests that the… Read More

Enjoy yourself. It feels good to feel good!

Monthly theme: Physical Vitality Reading time: two minutes. We’re in the “no should zone” this month. Far too much of the talk about physical fitness and vitality is laced with “shoulds.” Relax. We know better. Life and breath and health and strength are good gifts of God. Enjoy His good… Read More

How the Holy Spirit powers your vitality

Monthly theme: Physical Vitality Reading time: two minutes We’re in the “No Should Zone” this month. Take care of yourself, not because the law and the “shoulds” tell you to. Tend to your physical wellbeing as a gospel motivated stewardship. Your loving Father created you for physical vitality. Your Redeemer… Read More

Willpower is NOT your super-power

Monthly theme: Physical Vitality Reading time: two minutes I never met a cookie I didn’t like. And have you ever noticed that cookies never travel alone? Wherever you find one, there’s always another lurking about somewhere close. Like everyone else, I’ve tried the, “Oh, I really shouldn’t,” willpower version of… Read More

Your Maker is invested in your wellness

Monthly theme: Physical Vitality Reading time: two minutes. Relax. You’re entering the “No Should” zone. Your Father in heaven, your Maker, your Owner, your Provider, your Healer is passionate about your physical wellbeing. He wants you to be at your best. There are plenty of motivations for our physical self-care. Read More

Research on church worker wellness: what you should know

Reading time: two minutes. Clergy anxiety and burnout was first identified as a significant issue nearly a century ago, and has been researched for decades, with recent emphasis on the wellbeing of all church work employees. Here are some statistics that have been consistently reported for decades that I think… Read More

How do you feed your resilience?

Monthly theme: Resilience Reading time: two minutes When you feed your exhaustion more than you feed your resilience, your exhaustion wins. Resilience, the ability to replenish your capacity for service, needs care. It’s like a bank account; you can only make so many withdrawals. But there are ways to feed… Read More

Who are your “Resilience All-Stars” (Han Solo)?

Monthly theme: Resilience Reading time: two minutes Han Solo never flew solo. The Lone Ranger had a faithful companion. Ministry is hard, so don’t try it alone. Elijah’s lament at his lowest point of despair was, “I’m the only one left!” (1 Kings 19:10, and again in 19:14!) The Lord’s… Read More

When you’re hurting, Jesus still heals!

Monthly theme: Resilience Reading time: two minutes The Boo-Boo Bunny lives in our freezer. She’s a little pink, fuzzy critter with a plastic frozen cube inside her. When one of the grandkids takes a tumble and comes up crying, we head for the Boo-Boo Bunny. A bump, a scrape, a… Read More

When you’re hurting, be sure to say, “Ouch!”

Monthly theme: Resilience Reading time: two minutes Movie Trivia: Who said, “‘Tis but a scratch!”? (Hint: He said it after King Arthur lopped off one of his arms in a swordfight.) He also said, “I’ve had worse,” and shouted after losing both arms and legs, “I’M INVINCIBLE!” You got it;… Read More

“Imitate me!” (Seriously? YOU?)

Monthly theme: Identity Reading time: two minutes You’re an example for others to follow. It comes with the territory. Paul wrote those under his shepherding care on numerous occasions, “Imitate me,” or “Follow my example.” How does that grab you? It kind of sounds pretentious. It’s certainly humbling. Maybe humiliating… Read More

Let the shepherd be shepherded

Monthly theme: Identity Reading time: one minute (take a break!) Three quick thoughts… First, nicely done. Lent means a lot of hard work. Thank you! Second, remember that shepherding your flock through the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week and Easter is a messy business. The idealized version… Read More