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You’ve got nothing to say, so speak like thunder!

Monthly theme: Identity Reading time: two minutes Ever sit down to write a sermon and think, “I’ve got nothing”? Good. Now you’re ready. I laughed at the silliness of the cartoon, a preacher at his desk under an enormous wall of books, thinking to himself, “I wish I could think… Read More

You’re not qualified. (That’s what makes you qualified!)

Monthly theme: Identity. Reading time: two minutes. Just who do you think you are? It’s that time of year that makes you wonder. Easter Sunday is looming just a few weeks away. There’s urgency to get this right. Tremendous opportunity. And you’re the Pastor. Seriously? Maybe it’s exhaustion. Maybe it’s… Read More

You’re tired. You’re needed! You’ve earned a little break.

Reading time: two minutes. You’re half-way through Lent. You tried to get everything ready for extra worship services and Holy Week in advance, but you still feel like you’re playing catch-up. You deserve a mid-Lenten mini-break. Here’s why. It’s the oxygen mask speech on the airplane. You’re traveling through Lent… Read More

Are you fruitful? Yes, you are! (Because you’re receptive)

Monthly theme: Receptivity Reading time: two minutes. In March, trees look different in the north and the south. Minnesota fruit trees appear to be lifeless (they’re not!) and Arizona fruit trees are dropping golden nuggets of harvest everywhere. You’re like that. You have seasons of harvest and also seasons of… Read More

As the Spirit leads, we’re learning to dance.

Monthly theme: Receptivity. Reading time: two minutes. Painting footprints on the floor is part of learning to dance, but dancing really happens when it flows from the heart. Learn the steps with your brain and your feet, then learn to glide across the floor as your dance partner takes the… Read More

Since we’re clay, we’re receptive to the Word of God

Monthly theme: Receptivity. Reading time: two minutes. You understand the difference between Genesis clay and Jeremiah clay, don’t you? Genesis clay is the “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return” kind. Everyone on earth is that kind of clay. Jeremiah clay is reserved as a designation… Read More

You’re receptive to the Word because you are a word from God

Monthly theme: Receptivity. Reading time: two minutes. Luther called all Christian theology a “receptive theology.” God speaks and God works. We receive. From baptism to our dying breath where we echo Martin’s last scrawl, “We are such beggars,” all we are and have is what we have received from God. Read More

Test this: Joy is linked to Unity.

Monthly theme: Joy and Unity Reading time: two minutes. I quoted Frederick Buechner earlier this month: “There is no joy for any of us until, at the last, there is joy for all of us.” Let’s put it to the test. Will you help me on this? I think it’s… Read More

Did Jesus triangulate John and Mary?

Monthly theme: Joy and Unity. Reading time: two minutes. The theory of emotional triangles suggests that when there’s anxiety or conflict between any two people, they will pull in a third party upon whom they can unload their issues. They let the third party bear the anxiety and they feel… Read More

Here’s a nice indicator that God is at work

Monthly theme: Joy and Unity. Reading time: two minutes. Joy is like the steam coming out of a tea kettle. It’s not why you boiled the water, but it’s a nice indicator that the water’s boiling! Joy is like that. God’s purpose for you is not that you’d be filled… Read More

Lessons on JOY from a united Israel

Monthly theme: Joy and Unity Reading time: two minutes. Joy fuels ministry. That I’m certain of. It seems to me that dissension is the hole in the tank. Can you help me wrestle with this? The joy of seeing God at work will carry you through plenty of hardships. “You… Read More

A great way to say “Thank You” to God

Monthly theme: Why Wellness? Reading time: two minutes. “For all this…” is the reason. Self-care is the what. Why wellness? So far this month we’ve discussed resilience, longevity, and witness to the gospel. The fourth answer to “Why wellness?” is “Thank and praise, serve and obey.” When Luther recounts all… Read More