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Test this: Joy is linked to Unity.

Monthly theme: Joy and Unity Reading time: two minutes. I quoted Frederick Buechner earlier this month: “There is no joy for any of us until, at the last, there is joy for all of us.” Let’s put it to the test. Will you help me on this? I think it’s… Read More

Did Jesus triangulate John and Mary?

Monthly theme: Joy and Unity. Reading time: two minutes. The theory of emotional triangles suggests that when there’s anxiety or conflict between any two people, they will pull in a third party upon whom they can unload their issues. They let the third party bear the anxiety and they feel… Read More

Here’s a nice indicator that God is at work

Monthly theme: Joy and Unity. Reading time: two minutes. Joy is like the steam coming out of a tea kettle. It’s not why you boiled the water, but it’s a nice indicator that the water’s boiling! Joy is like that. God’s purpose for you is not that you’d be filled… Read More

Lessons on JOY from a united Israel

Monthly theme: Joy and Unity Reading time: two minutes. Joy fuels ministry. That I’m certain of. It seems to me that dissension is the hole in the tank. Can you help me wrestle with this? The joy of seeing God at work will carry you through plenty of hardships. “You… Read More

A great way to say “Thank You” to God

Monthly theme: Why Wellness? Reading time: two minutes. “For all this…” is the reason. Self-care is the what. Why wellness? So far this month we’ve discussed resilience, longevity, and witness to the gospel. The fourth answer to “Why wellness?” is “Thank and praise, serve and obey.” When Luther recounts all… Read More

Your wellness is your witness

Monthly Theme: Why Wellness? Reading time: two minutes. I think I know how the flight attendant feels. We’ve both given the “Oxygen Mask” speech thousands of times. We both know most people have heard it endlessly. And we both wonder if anyone is listening. I hope you are. When traveling… Read More

The “Wellness Decline Curve” that will surprise you

Monthly theme: Why Wellness? Reading time: two minutes. I want to be like Howard. Howard was a pastor. During the years of my first call, he lived down the street from us. We’d see him out walking briskly (“like he was late,” wink, wink) through the neighborhood numerous times each… Read More

Are you well? Here’s 4 wellness touchpoints for 2022.

Monthly Theme: Why Wellness? Reading time: two minutes. I hope you finished 2021 healthier, wiser, stronger and more energized for ministry than you began a year ago. Grace Place Wellness is committed to offering all the encouragement and support we can through resources like our books and this blog, and… Read More

Thank you. Seriously. Thank you!

Reading time: two minutes. Thank you. Even if every last person who was blessed by your ministry in the past month has said it, you haven’t heard it enough. Thank you. One day, when we are all over-awed by the glory and splendor of the heavenly Jerusalem, you’ll hear it… Read More

Relax. It’s enough to be good at what you’re good at.

Reading time: two minutes. Deal with it. Nobody gets all the gifts. God knows what he’s doing. He made you in such a way that some parts of your ministry labors come naturally and relatively easy for you. But not all of them. Some parts of ministry are hard work. Read More

You’re making a difference you likely won’t know about until…

Reading time: two minutes. Preaching guru Richard Caemmerer suggested that the appropriate response to, “That was a wonderful sermon, Pastor!” might be, “That remains to be seen.” The problem for people in ministry is that we usually do not see. If you ever wondered, “What difference am I making?” you’re… Read More

Your efforts are beyond acceptable; they’re PERFECT!

Reading time: two minutes. Two thousand confirmation class sessions and I’m hard pressed to remember ever thinking, “Wow! That went really well!” I supposed it happened once in a while. It’s just hard to imagine. But those times spent with God’s children were not just acceptable to God, they were… Read More