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Living the “free and merry” Ephesian way!

How’s your spirit? “Free and merry”? We’re hounded by so many “so many’s” (so many expectations, so many calls to make, so many meetings to attend…) it’s not easy to face the tasks of the day in the free and merry spirit the Lord desires. You’re not alone. It’s an… Read More

Integrate your home and church life.

Didn’t I say to set boundaries two weeks ago? This is different. Boundaries means establishing where the church ends and your family life begins. Integrity means being the same person at home that you are at the church. We hear this complaint in a variety of forms from minister’s spouses… Read More

Give your marriage a lift: See a counselor!

My last two blogs were a waste of time. Let’s fix that. I wrote, “Have a deep conversation with your spouse!” and then, “Set some good boundaries at home!” Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. You’ve heard it all before a thousand times. I bet Barna would tell me, “Darrell, your… Read More

Knowing where church ends and family begins.

It’s commonly called “the conflicting loyalties of church and home.” The constant tug in both directions can make church work professionals feel like the whirling blades of a blender. The danger is that appropriate boundaries are disintegrated and church and home get mushed together into one indiscernibly muddled mess. Here’s… Read More

The Best Answer to “How Are You Doing?”

Do you ever hesitate when asked, “How are you doing, Pastor?” Do you find yourself caught somewhere between answering “Fine!” and wondering, “Do you really want to hear about it?” There are appropriate contexts for sharing how you are doing, physically, spiritually, emotionally. A big part of wellness is having… Read More

Churches Need Peacemakers

Your church has an inner life. People can look terrific on the outside, calm, cool and collected, but inwardly can be wasting away with grief, hurt and disappointment. Churches can too. Churches need peacemakers. The pandemic has swept us all up in what some are calling a tsunami of grief. Read More

The Joys and Pitfalls of Friendships with Church Members

Do you have close friends who are members of the congregation? Consider that question carefully for a moment. Elbert Hubbard said, “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” I hope that you have plenty of friends in the church who know you and love… Read More

The Former Pastor Never Leaves

Have you ever felt “haunted” by the ghost of the presence of the former Pastor? You’re not alone. I’d venture to say that every pastor (except mission planters!) has had to deal with comparisons, fair and unfair, with his predecessors. He may have relocated two thousand miles away, but he… Read More

Healthy Churches Need Healthy Leaders!

A Christian congregation is an intricate, sometimes tangled, and nearly always mystifying web of relationships. You walked right into that one, didn’t you! Like a hiker who stumbles into a spider web stretched between trees, pastors are often surprised by the sticky web of relationships in churches. What churches do… Read More

The “Yeast” You Can Do for Yourself? Rest!

My Grandma Schuldt, born 1882, lived 1,600 miles away. When she visited, her four grandsons wanted one thing: home baked bread! Her bread was so good that spreading it with sweet creamery butter, well, kind of ruined it. “Please make us some bread, Grandma!” So good! I haven’t had a… Read More

More “Fruitful” Stress Management

I find the Psalms very therapeutic. “Stressed Out” might be a better label than “Laments” for the majority of the Psalms. Part 1: “I’m falling apart down here, God. a. Where are you? b. My friends have deserted me. c. I quit!” At Grace Place, we’d call that a… Read More