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Grace Place Wellness Ministries attends ALDE Convention in Reno, NV Feb. 24-26, 2015

Hans Springer, Randy Fauser and Mark Hofman The Association of Lutheran Development executives for continuing education in the field of ethical fundraising.  Here's a look at who we ran into:   (left to right)  Hans Springer, Associate Executive Director of LCMS Mission Advancement; Randy Fauser, President/CEO of Grace Place Wellness Ministries and Mark Hofman, Executive Director, Mission Advancement of the LCMS.   Read More

Physical Wellbeing Is… Vitality!

Reading time: 3 minutes I'm planning to live until I'm 114. I'm a golfer who dreams of "shooting my age," having a golf score equal to or less than my age, and the way my golf game is going, I may have to live to for a few more decades. It's not my best reason for staying in shape, but it's one of them! I was about 35 when I stopped in to visit 105 year old Marie in the nursing home. She asked me if I would conduct her funeral one day. I told her, "Marie, if I'm still alive when you die, I'd be honored to preach at your funeral!" We laughed and I told her what a blessing she was to me every time I saw her. She was well into her eleventh decade and still full of vitality and life. Read More

Soup For The Soul Update

Soup For The Soul is the brain child of Bill and Carol Mattson. It is because of their love of Grace Place Wellness and through their dedication and hard work that this effort was started and nurtured. They enlisted other friends, committee members, board members, three local churches and area restaurants to create a unique way to draw awareness and support to Grace Place Wellness, while offering a fun, friendly place for families and fellow Christians to connect and enjoy the best soups in St. Louis...and much-needed funds for the ministry. Read More

Vocational Wellbeing Is… Ministry!

Reading time: 3 minutes Do you know the third verse of "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep"? You know about "I pray the Lord my soul to keep," and probably the really creepy part about "If I should die before I wake." (You don't really teach your children to say that do you?) Anyway, the prayer continues, "If I should wake before I die, I pray the Lord to show me why!" That's an excellent description of Christian Vocation. Luther's understanding of vocation teaches us that we are all living out our callings from God in the numerous roles He has given us to fill day by day: disciple, spouse, child, parent, neighbor, citizen, employee, employer. What better way to start the day than a prayer for guidance in my vocation? Vocation has a special meaning for those called to full time service in the Church. Read More

Intellectual Wellbeing Is… Curiosity!

Reading time: 3 minutes I heard two football players arguing about who was the better player.  They traded insults until one finally played the trump card: “Oh yeah?  Google me!” I guess the assumption is that the more information there is about someone on the internet, Do You Really Know Me? the greater they are as a person and contributor to society.  I got curious and I Googled him.  It wasn’t that interesting.  There were plenty of stats and pictures, even videos, of his athletic exploits, but I don’t feel I know him any better. Google is fine for what it does, but it will never satisfy my curiosity about you. Read More

Relational Wellbeing Is… Unity!

Reading time 3 minutes Does God dance? The Trinity Andrej Rublev The Lord of the Dance: God is perfect unity The ancient church fathers thought so.  The word they used for the divine dance of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit was perichoresis.  Think of “peri” like perimeter; it means “around.”  “Choresis,” as in choreography, means to dance.  Perichoresis is a way to say that the Father, Son and Spirit are eternally dancing around together in a beautifully choreographed dance of love, of unity, and of joy.  Andrej Rublev's painting is said to depict this divine dance of unity. The Living God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit is by His nature a relational God God is by His nature relational.  Read More

Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat

Shepherd’s Canyon Retreat is a partner in ministry on behalf of the wellbeing of professional church workers. While Grace Place Wellness’ ministry is primarily focused on preventive wellness practices, Shepherd’s Canyon specializes in therapeutic care for workers and couples experiencing… Read More

Spiritual Wellbeing is… TRANSFORMATION!

Reading time less than 3 minutes I have a button in my button collection that simply reads, “P B P G I N F W M Y.”  That stands for “Please be patient.  God is not finished with me yet.” To all my friends, and especially to those who know me best, thanks for your patience! If I were to summarize Spiritual Wellbeing in one word, I’d call it TRANSFORMATION.  Paul described the work of the Spirit in our lives through Word and Sacrament like this: “And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit” (2 Corinthians 3:18, NIV). Read More

Baptismal Wellbeing Is… RENEWAL

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes. Did you ever feel like starting all over again? Wait, what I’m really asking is, Did you ever not feel like starting all over again? I’m sorry. That’s not right. Please let me try it again. Have you ever known deep in your heart that your only hope is for a brand new beginning? (There, that’s better!) The Gospel is always about beginning all over again New beginnings. That’s the hope and the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ, isn’t it? That’s why we’re open every Sunday, for new beginnings, fresh starts in the wondrous gift of Christ’s love and forgiveness. But isn’t Sunday too long to wait? If you’re like me, you’re ready for new beginnings all through the week! Read More