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"But Did You Sing to Jesus?"

Reading time: one minute (eight days away!) In twenty-four years of supervising seminary field education students for Concordia, St Louis, it became pretty common after a student’s first time leading worship to hear, “So, how did I do?” they wanted to know if they spun toward the altar at the right moment during the Kyrie or climbed the steps with proper decorum at the Gradual. Eventually I learned to respond, “I guess you did fine, but I’m wondering, did you remember to sing to Jesus this morning?” It takes a while to learn how to lead worship and still worship ourselves at the same time. This is an easy time of year to slip into the troubling habit of defining ourselves by what we do for God, with all the extra effort required in leading a worshipping community, instead of remembering that our identity is defined by what God has done for us. Advent and Christmas is also a perfect time to remember what God has done for us. I’m praying that you’ll remember, somewhere in the midst of one of the numerous worship services in coming days, that what God has done for you is give you reason to sing. Ah, dearest Jesus, holy Child, Prepare a bed, soft, undefiled, A quiet chamber set apart For You to dwell within my heart. (LSB 358:13) You’re in my prayers constantly this week and next. Blessed, joyous Christmas to you!