Grace Place Wellness Community

A Safe Space for Pastors and Church Workers

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Enter life-giving, non-judgmental conversations with trustworthy colleagues in ministry.


You help others. Who helps you?

Lutheran Church Extension Fund will no longer charge a subscription fee to participate in the Grace Place Wellness Community.  This change will take effect March 1, 2022, and LCEF will provide a pro-rated refund for those who prepaid their subscription beyond this date.  We pray this change will encourage more workers to join the Community in the future, and we look forward to seeing you each week as we support one another in service to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Taking up your cross and ministering to others is hard work. You’ve known that since seminary, and you prepared your heart to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.

It was you and God, and that was enough.

But now that you’re doing the work, you can see why so many ministers burn out, fall apart, or fall into sin. You’ve seen marriages implode and pastor’s kids struggle. You don’t want that to happen to you.

Neither do we.

Because we believe humans make the best pastors!

The Grace Place Wellness Community is where pastors and other church workers can help each other become better, more whole Jesus followers.

It’s where we learn how to do better work for our congregations. And it’s where we encourage and mentor each other to live into our callings through preventive and restorative self-care.

Our community is led and moderated by Darrell Zimmerman, a pastor of thirty years and doctor of ministry. He and occasional special guests will share the wellness principles to help both you and (if you’re married) your spouse.

You can learn the mindset and practices that lead to a joyful, graceful, and healthful life in ministry.

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Become a Better Disciple of Christ

Develop lifelong friendships while learning spiritual disciplines that lead to a healthy and balanced life.
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Live a Whole, Healthy, and Balanced Life In Ministry and Beyond

Weekly Online Live “Retreat”

Weekly “Office Hours” with Darrell

Special Guests

Exclusive Offers and Content

Daily Conversation, Prayer, and Camaraderie with Ministers like You

Come Away. Rest. Recharge.

Develop the confidence and skills you need to flourish in life as a minister for your entire career.

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