A safe place for sharing

A Word from the Lord

Tychicus, the dear brother and faithful servant in the Lord, will tell you everything, so that you also may know how I am and what I am doing. I am sending him for this very purpose, that you may know how we are. Ephesians 6:21-22

A Word of Encouragement

In the fellowship of the saints, we all find a safe place to reveal our hurts and fears, and we bear one another’s burdens. The body of Christ is that safe place for church workers too!

We’re Praying for You

“I thank you, Lord, for the sanctuary of fellowship where we might all come before you, and before one another, confessing our weakness and finding your grace for healing. Amen.”

Renewal Moment

Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. “Lord, have mercy.” Thanksgiving for the safe place for sharing myself.

Marker of Wellbeing

Intellectual As I grow in God’s grace of Intellectual KINDNESS, I am finding joy in CURIOSITY, listening and speaking in a beneficial way.