Net worth can't buy fiscal happiness

Financial worksheetsIf you have a family, you likely have financial worries — especially this time of year as the kids get ready to head back to school, whether they’re starting kindergarten or college.  But your total net worth can’t buy your fiscal well-being, according to a Gallup study. Instead, research shows that our financial wellness is more closely tied to our perception that we have enough money to adequately care for ourselves and our family without the burden and stress of debt. Beyond that, well-being is somewhat tied to generosity. People who give to others rather than lavish on themselves feel better, live better and serve better. Where have we heard that before? Spending disposable income on memories and experiences is healthier than spending on stuff. Credit cards too often heap the stress of debt on our perceived needs and not always clearly thought-out desires. We tend to accumulate debt — and stress — rather than use financial safeguards such as pre-activated bill payment and savings plans. The time to stop and make healthy financial changes is now! The LCMS offers phenomenal resources to help us improve our fiscal well-being, from the financial educators at Concordia Plan Services to the good folks at Lutheran Church Extension Fund. If you are a Thrivent Financial for Lutherans member, many budget balancing, debt reducing and retirement planning resources are at your service. Take advantage of these resources. As someone named Churchill once said, the greatest fear is fear itself. Those words could apply to the need to address fiscal wellness. Get started!