Receptive in the quiet seasons

Receptive in the quiet seasons

A Word from the Lord

“Continually appropriate for yourselves the opportunity of this pivotal moment.” Ephesians 5:16

A Word of Encouragement

When you see God working in everything you do, give thanks. When it’s hard to see His handiwork, give thanks then also, for He is still at work, shaping and molding you by the Word!

We’re Praying for You

“O Holy Spirit, give me a receptive heart to recognize your faithfulness in every time and season. Amen.”

Renewal Moment

Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. “Lord, have mercy.” Give thanks for spiritual growth in every season.

Marker of Wellbeing

Spiritual As I grow in God’s grace of Spiritual GOODNESS, I am finding joy in RECEPTIVITY to His gifts, maturing and growing in Christ.