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Enjoy yourself. It feels good to feel good!

Monthly theme: Physical Vitality

Reading time: two minutes.

We’re in the “no should zone” this month.

Far too much of the talk about physical fitness and vitality is laced with “shoulds.”

Relax. We know better. Life and breath and health and strength are good gifts of God.

Enjoy His good gifts. Live life to the fullest by celebrating the Lord’s goodness to you, by living thankfully. Make wise, healthy choices, not because you should, but because the wonder that is your body was designed to feel good.

Now it’s true that in His providential care, God has designed us with limitations, and He allows infirmity to diminish us either by the way we were crafted at birth, by injury, by age, or by illness.

But gratefully enjoying the measure of health He’s given by choosing wisely how to care for this body and life is an act of worship, as well as a blessing lavished upon ourselves.

Here’s three quick examples of honoring the Creator by caring for the creation and enjoying the benefit of His goodness: physical vitality.

The Joy of healthy eating: The Creator’s menu design!

Our Manufacturer designed these machines of ours well. When we fuel our bodies with the fuel He had in mind, (heavy on the plants, lean meats, lots of water) everything works better.

Daniel and his friends had it right.

It feels so good to have a digestive tract that functions the way it was designed.

It feels so good to wake up without a sugar/fat hangover (not to mention the other kind!)

It feels so good to keep the burden on the feet and joints at a load they can manage easily.

Eat well and enjoy it!

The Joy of a good sweat: The Creator’s activity design!

Endorphins are the Lord’s feel good chemicals, His reward for a busy, active day of hard work.

Don’t work up a sweat because you should. Enjoy a walk and a workout because it just feels good!

A bounce in your step can be an act of worship! It says, “Lord, these muscles and joints are an amazing gift. Thanks for the joy of movement, and labor, and dance. Accept my active lifestyle as an offering of gratitude.”

Posture, stability, agility, flexibility are all great benefits of exercise to be enjoyed and cherished. When you find an activity schedule that fits your age, your body type, your energy level, and your physical limitations, (and stick to it because it feels good), you’re living gratefully, a wise steward of the gifts.

The Joy of rest: The Creator’s renewal design!

One day the Lord will say, “You’re done!” and you’ll breathe your last. Tiredness at the end of a busy day is a reminder from your Father of your mortality, your limitations, your need for renewal, rest, and refreshment.

Sleep is a gift of grace. You abandon all control each night as you commend yourself to his care and do nothing, absolutely nothing, but rest.

It feels good to wake up refreshed.

Listen to the Lord speak through your body as it calls out for rest. Don’t apologize to anyone for going to bed early. Consider it an act of faith to get the sleep you need.

And enjoy how great it feels to wake up refreshed!

Thanks for reading.