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Feeling good feels so good! Try these 2 tricks.

Feeling good feels so good! Try these 2 tricks.

I’ve felt lousy and I’ve felt good. I like good better.

How about you? Did you ever wake up feeling really icky and wonder, “How did that happen?”

Many people I love deal with chronic illness and pain on a daily basis. Why God in his providential care allows such suffering I do not know.

I pray for you regularly, and I hope you are receiving the physical and mental health care you deserve to help you endure and to feel your best. God bless you!

When most of us wake up feeling lousy, we’ve brought it on ourselves.

Years ago, Carol and I decided that we like feeling good, so we started getting very intentional about today’s choices that would help us feel good tomorrow. Age and injury have an effect on us, but we’re learning that we can still feel great most days, even as we’re getting deeper into our 60’s!

Antique autos deteriorate rapidly when shoved in the back of the garage, but when taken out to run around on the street regularly, they can keep going and going and going.

That’s the first secret to feeling good tomorrow. God designed your body to move.

Secret number one: Move it or lose it.

Carol was down with a cold for a few days at the same time my back was acting up. No morning walk for four days. We felt it. Not really lousy, but just not great. “We’ve got to get back outside for our walk soon!”

We don’t run. We don’t jog. We do some stretching, but don’t have gym memberships. We do some muscle toning exercises for a few minutes on most days, but what we do mostly is walk.

We try to get outside and get going before we’re fully awake and talk ourselves out of it. We can tell the difference between walking days and not walking days.

It feels good to feel good. We walked today because we like feeling good tomorrow.

The other most common answer to “Why do I feel lousy today?” is what we eat.

Secret number two: Figure out what makes you feel good tomorrow and eat that today.

Don’t go crazy on diet plans and starvation. I’m reviewing the lessons from “Naturally Slim” again and they’re great! Common sense.

Nobody likes feeling constipated. Everybody loves that great feeling when you have a nice, big… well, you know. It feels good. Don’t eat what makes you feel lousy. Eat what makes you feel good!

I like ice cream. A scoop makes me feel good. A bowl puts me out for the duration. Makes me start slow tomorrow.

Remember God’s opinion of your body: God looked at his creation and said it was good. It was very good.

Good nutrition and daily exercise aren’t scary or complicated. Figure out what makes you feel lousy and what makes you feel good.

Then decide that good is better.

Thanks for reading.