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How do you feed your resilience?

Monthly theme: Resilience

Reading time: two minutes

When you feed your exhaustion more than you feed your resilience, your exhaustion wins.

Resilience, the ability to replenish your capacity for service, needs care. It’s like a bank account; you can only make so many withdrawals. But there are ways to feed your capacity for renewal.

Here’s a couple thoughts on staying fresh and at your best. What would you add to my list? Use my suggestions as a way to develop your own, because you know you best!

Feed your Spiritual resilience. Make a joyful reading list.

We all experience those times when we could really use a lift of encouragement, a blessing from God himself through the power of His Word. The problem is that in the times when we need it the most, we are least likely to focus and bring those favorite passages to mind.

Feed your resilience by keeping an active list of favorite, uplifting, joyful, hopeful promises in your Bible. When you run across those passages, make a note of it for those times when you need the renewal and restoration of the Lord’s blessed message of encouragement.

And remember to go there when you need it.

Feed your Relational resilience. Laugh out loud.

Sharing a belly laugh with a dear friend or spouse or co-worker builds relational capital with them. Laughter is a bonding experience. It infuses a relationship with an energy and a spirit that is remembered by both, or all of you.

What makes you laugh? What makes your friends laugh? Be intentional about setting a time or finding a time to share a moment or an evening of laughter. It will pay off when you need a lift in the future.

Feed your Physical resilience. Exercise in a fun way.

Exercise is restorative, but not always fun. Fun is restorative, but not always physically beneficial.

When you find an activity that is both a good workout and a delight, you’re replenishing yourself physically, and also creating an emotional memory. In those times when you need a way to bounce back after a time of stress or sadness, a fun workout is a double whammy.

(Mine’s golf, but only if I walk!)

Feed your Vocational resilience. Buy lunch for your mentor.

All of the wisdom and good counsel that you have acquired from your best mentors over the years are stored as deposits of resilience. You feed your resilience when you connect with a mentor, that wise friend who is invested in your ministry success.

They will treasure the opportunity to spend time with you, just like you cherish being asked to do the same for others.

Ministry is great, but hard. We’ll all face times of challenge and discouragement and resilience is what brings us through.

What would be the best way to feed your resilience in preparation for those difficult times?

Thanks for reading.