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Humility and Vocational Wellness!

Reading time: less than two minutes (it’s Holy Week!) You’re not ready for Holy Week.  You couldn’t possibly be.  No matter how thorough your preparations, there’s always more, there’s always better, that could be done. The beauty of a life in ministry is that there is grace.  We offer our best, these jars of clay, and the Lord Jesus shines His beauty and perfection and strength right through our weakness and imperfection. This is a week for proclaimers of the gospel to work hard, prepare for the nearly overwhelming responsibilities of Holy Week and Easter as best they can, and then to rest in the comforting arms of His grace. This week, God is at work.  And isn’t that the message we proclaim, that all of our efforts will earn us nothing in the eyes of God?  Jesus came to do what we could not, and this week we celebrate His humble service on Thursday, His perfect sacrifice on Friday, His world changing resurrection on Sunday. It’s not about us; it’s always about Jesus.  The wonder and marvel of this week is that from His throne on high in heaven, Christ the Lord would choose to use someone like you to make this a world-changing week for those who gather to hear and receive His gifts. That’s very humbling. In your actions of leading worship, the Lord’s people will have their feet washed by Jesus.  From your sin-marked hands, the Lord’s people will receive His body and blood.  Standing at the foot of the cross yourself, the Lord’s people will hear the saving words of their own salvation. And just as desperately in need of hope as the Lord’s people are, on Easter Sunday you’ll lead them to the empty tomb, to meet the Risen Lord together. And forever, the Lord’s people will be thankful to you for sharing this message of peace. That’s humbling. God bless your journey to the cross and empty tomb this week!  Subscribe to Blog