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Just Show Up

Written by:  Dcs. Heidi Goehmann My friend Rachel started a small book group at a local coffee shop.  We met for the first time to talk about Christmas books.  It was a random choice and I truly believed it would be just her and me, chatting at the coffee shop, but then something wonderful happened… People showed up. I went home excited and came back the next month with my book in tow, But I steeled myself, again ready for a chat session between just her and I.  I mean, once was nice, but surely no one would show up a second time??? That would be crazy talk, right? Then it happened, again.  People showed up. It sounds like such a small thing.  Showing up.  In this giant universe, me showing up is relatively insignificant, don’t you think?  But it does matter. I’m not saying you need to fill your calendars with social engagements and wear yourself down trying to show up for everything and anything.  I’ve walked that road.  It’s not fun and it’s definitely not doable for long. In fact, last night, I was the person who didn’t show up.  I skipped book group.  I needed a moment.  My husband needed a moment.  My family needed a moment.  And that’s ok. But, I want you to know that showing up really does matter. I have rarely felt so encouraged as when I left those book groups.  It’s that satisfying  sense of knowing that someone else thought something mattered as much as you did.  Someone valued time with you, with the community that gathered, and the thoughts that were shared.  Time has value and when we give it to people, we say,

You matter.  You are valued.

Let’s take this conversation to church.  Showing up. Tiny, seemingly insignificant, but the most powerful thing you can do in the Body of Christ. Show up. Amazing things happen in the act of showing up. You ignite and grow relationships. You are fed, you are loved. you leave ready to love on others. You say to the person sitting next to you in the pew – “Jesus is worth my time.  You, my friend, are worth my time.”  Who else in their life is saying that to them?  Maybe no one. Don’t ever take that for granted. You encourage your pastor in the very best way.  Words of affirmation are nice, gift cards and thank you notes are wonderful, but if you really, really want to encourage your pastor, be there to hear the Word.  It tells him that he did not prepare in vain.  It shows him that God is at work.  It reminds Him that the Word does not return empty and God called him to this work for a real reason and purpose – namely, YOU. In real relationships, we get life together.  Need help with your moving van?  Call on the body of Christ!  Is someone in your family struggling with mental illness?  Call on the body of Christ!  Lost your job?  Call on the body of Christ!  Cancer, weddings, graduations.  Life torn to shreds and life flourishing.  This is real life together.  You do not know what you are missing until you experience it.  No one should ever go through any of it alone.  God created us for more.  He created us for one another. God has called you to your own arena of showing up.  Showing up for your kids, showing up for your spouse, showing up for your neighbors, showing up for your church, showing up in the hard, and showing up in the magnificent. But just do it, in His grace.  Just show up.