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Lenten Self-Care: Emotional Peace!

Reading time: one minute.  God bless you, it’s Holy Week. The end of Lent draws near.  Easter is upon us.  You planned for months and had great hopes and expectations for the best Wednesday Lenten series ever, hopes for being well prepared for Holy Week long before it arrived, and hopes that this year you’d take care of yourself and your own family before trying to take care of everyone else. How’d that work out?  Everything you did over the last six weeks has been smudged by your fingerprints.  But thanks to our marvelous God, what you offered up in service to His kingdom smells like Jesus.  You’re well aware, however, that it smells a little too much like you, and that’s not good. I hope you’re excited for this weekend’s celebration.  Satan would love for you to feel discouraged and disappointed about the past few weeks and stressed out worrying about what’s in store. That’s why I’m praying for you and hoping that you will live this week in the wonderful peace that comes only from Jesus.  I’m not sure how you’re feeling about yourself, but I have no doubt at all how the Lord Jesus feels about you.  He loves you.  He has already forgiven your past failures, mistakes and sins.  He’s wiped your fingerprints off of everything you’ve done. And He’s sending you to share the great good news of that perfect love with all who gather this weekend.  If you’re feeling not quite up to the task, that’s good.  That’s a great, dependent place to be.  He’ll carry you and bless your proclamation. And that’s reason for Easter joy!  Christ is Risen, and He’s with YOU this week. May His peace fill you just as it will fill those who hear you. Thanks for reading.