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Lesson Seven: Ministry Threatens the Joy of Life in Community

(Reading time: one minute. It’s Christmas!)

Families Pay a Price

Your family pays a price for your ministry. Nearly every pastor’s wife, when retirement approaches, reports that the pastor’s family endured significant stress because of the demands of ministry. The most anxiety filled Christmas season ever only accentuates the point. The congregation wonders where you are all week while your family thinks you’re married to the church. The conflicting loyalties of church and home are at their highest peak in December.

Healing for Ministry Families

How can our families experience the healing touch of Christ? It begins with honest conversation. Find time to share with your family this week two important truths: 1. That you love them. First. Best. Always. 2. That you rely on their forgiving grace as they bear with you during a very demanding season of ministry. Healing continues at the manger of the Christ. Worship together. Talk about why he came – to bring forgiveness for sinners like me. Then take a break. Schedule some family time, healing time, for the quieter days following Christmas. It is why Jesus came, you know. Thanks for reading. “Ministry threatens the Joy of Life in Community” is Lesson Seven in, “Reclaiming the Joy of Ministry: The Grace Place Way to Church Worker Wellness” a new book from Grace Place Wellness Ministries coming in January.