Christian ministry can be rewarding.

Even exhilarating. But it can be incredibly demanding and stressful, too.

We’ve created these resources to teach anyone called to work in ministry to achieve health, balance, and joy for an entire career.

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Discover a holistic approach to effective and productive ministry. Written by longtime parish pastor Darrell Zimmerman, learn how to avoid the hazards of ministry life and reclaim a long, joyful, and fruitful career. Written for pastors, church workers, and their spouses.

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The Wellness Wheel

The WorkBooks

Wellness, like discipleship, is a journey — not a destination. These workbooks compliment Darrell’s book, Reclaiming the Joy of Ministry: The Grace Place Way to Church Worker Wellness. Learn to overcome the dangers and pitfalls every minister faces and threaten the joy of Life with God, the joy of Life in Community, and the joy of Life in Ministry.

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Other Resources from Grace Place

Family Wellness: Raising Resilient, Christ-Purposed Children

Is your family well in every sense of the word: physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally? Using five core character values, John Eckrich, M.D., founder of Grace Place Ministries, will show you how to build a strong Christian family.

Fear, Anxiety and Wellness: Journey to a Heart at Peace

Fear and anxiety are linked chains of human emotions that continually erode our wellbeing. This book offers powerful and practical guidance from a medical, behavioral, and Christ-directed perspective to help you on the journey to a heart at peace.

Resilient Aging and Wellness: Mindful Stewardship of Body, Mind and Spirit into the Next Season of Living

Getting older with resilience is far more about being functional, vibrant, and joyful than it is about discomfort, separation, and loss. Learn to affirm your relationship with God and your worth as God’s child as you understand the critical components to the “whole care” of human life.


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Pastors often ask the question, “Who can I talk to about my well-being when things aren’t going well? Is there anyone out there I can trust?”

Join a community of trustworthy pastors and ministry workers moderated by our Executive Director, Darrell Zimmerman. Our community Includes weekly online events, prayer, and exclusive content from Grace Place Wellness Ministries. Get help when you need it, but help other ministers and church workers, too.

For all current, prospective, and retired pastors and church workers.

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