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Risen and Brand New... Physical Wellbeing!

Reading time: two minutes. Happy Easter/Ascension!  I hope and pray that you are still basking in the glory of our Lord’s Adamresurrection.  It changes everything.  From death comes life, and we’re surrounded by death and dying every day.  Our own aging, dying bodies are a constant reminder of our mortality. But don’t our bodies also, in a paradoxical kind of way, also testify to us about life, new life, and the healing power of Christ?  I’m trying to pay more attention to the wonderful healing work of Jesus in my own life.  When I pay attention, it’s an encouragement to me every day!Tomorrow I visit the dermatologist, again.  I found another pink spot that needs to be taken off Skin_cancerand thrown away.  (I’m going to heaven one little piece at a time!)  When he’s done, I’ll think about skin cancer and moving through my sixties and how my physical energy, strength and flexibility continue to diminish.  I’ll wince at the surgeon’s cut and maybe even a stitch or two.  My dad used to say, “Growing old is not for sissies!” But then in a couple of days I’ll pull off the Band-Aid and witness a wonderful gift and miracle from the Lord: new skin.  This body of mine, a gift from the One “who made me and all creatures…” is a never ending stream of miraculous renewal.  I don’t bounce back like I did when I was a teenager, but I still bounce back.  From death, my Father in heaven grants new life, restoration and renewal. Sure, I look forward to heading off to heaven one day, but like St. Paul, I feel that as great as it would be to depart this body, my race is not yet finished.  I remain in the body because there is work for me to do.  My family, my neighborhood, my call, my Lord still have use for me. And in another mystery of God’s gracious care of this body and life, He’s invited me to help care Fruit Platter 2for this earthen vessel.  I don’t bounce up or bounce back like I did when I was younger, but I do bounce out of bed better when I get the rest I need, when I fuel this body with the kind of food God makes, (not the kind Kraft or Hostess makes,) when I exercise my muscles and bones and when I ask Dr. Amato to “take a look at this pink spot right here.” I’m in pretty good shape, for the shape I’m in.  God blesses me with a measure of strength and vitality beyond what I deserve.  I’m learning to reduce my complaints and increase my wonder at this amazing gift, to “thank and praise, serve and obey Him.” May God bless you with vitality and joy as you continue your walk of faith for as long as He gives you life! Thanks for reading. Do you serve on a professional church worker conference planning committee?  Our staff has vast experience leading groups of all sizes from every church work background through innovative wellness programs custom designed to meet your needs.  Contact Program Director Darrell Zimmerman today to begin exploring the possibilities or visit our website to see some of our ideas for your conference!