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Soup For The Soul Update

Soup For The Soul is the brain child of Bill and Carol Mattson. It is because of their love of Grace Place Wellness and through their dedication and hard work that this effort was started and nurtured. They enlisted other friends, committee members, board members, three local churches and area restaurants to create a unique way to draw awareness and support to Grace Place Wellness, while offering a fun, friendly place for families and fellow Christians to connect and enjoy the best soups in St. Louis…and much-needed funds for the ministry. As Dr. Eckrich’s vision for “Joy in Ministry” continues to spread across the LCMS, we are experiencing some growing pains. Even as we revamp our website, transition personnel and develop new and innovative programming, the need for the gift of a Grace Place Wellness retreat is increasing. We are only slowed by the limits of current funding and human resources. To that end, I have decided to take a break from the Soup For The Soul Event in 2015. This frees up months of planning to focus on expanding our programming and our support base. Over the past four years, Soup For The Soul has been held at St. Paul’s Des Peres, Webster Gardens and twice at St. John Ellisville, with one year serving over 600. All of us at Grace Place Wellness have a deep appreciation for Bill and Carol for their efforts and love. We also thank those that have been on SFTS committees throughout the years, including Patti Allen, Phil & Mary Bayes, Charlotte Bohlmann, Jan Burmeister, Grant Cook, John & Kathy Eckrich, Melissa Hower, Dale & Deb Kreienkamp, Nancy Miller, Mark & Anne Munger, Tim Petsch, David & Kathy Rawlings, Ray & Dottie Rogers, John Tuchschmidt, Annmarie Utech and Darrell & Carol Zimmerman (please forgive me if I’ve left someone out). We also thank the numerous board members who have sponsored, purchased tickets and brought friends. We know that the restaurants that have participated have also enjoyed the experience. Our mission is to nurture vitality and joy in ministry by inspiring and equipping church workers to lead healthy lives. I pray that all of you continue to support Grace Place Wellness Ministries as we continue to bring health and wellness to hundreds of church workers every year. May God bless you! Your brother in Christ, Randy Fauser, President/CEO Grace Place Wellness Ministries