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Spiritual Wellbeing and Acts 26

Reading time: three minutes. I recently suggested that Psalm 103 could be a guiding scripture for Baptismal Wellbeing.  I’m going to continue that thought all the way around the Lutheran Wellness Wheel, this week focusing on Spiritual Wellbeing. Saul's_ConversionHere’s a passage for you: Acts 26:14.  Not even the whole verse.  This is the part I like: “…and I heard a voice saying to me in Hebrew, ‘Saul, Saul’.”  Do you see the part I like? “In the Hebrew language.”  “In the HEBREW LANGUAGE!!!!”  Sorry for shouting, but I want you to hear what hit Saul right between the ears.  No, check that, right IN the ears. God speaks, and He speaks in language we can understand. God speaks our language.  Why shouldn’t He?  He invented it. Acts 26:14 should be just as much a bolt out of the blue to you and me as it was to Saul on the dusty road to Damascus.  The voice that spoke to Saul/Paul still speaks today.  What a joy and privilege for people like you and me to wake up each day and consider, “I wonder what the Lord of heaven and earth has to say to me today?”
Darrell's holy place

Darrell’s holy place

If you’ve attended a retreat with me, you’ve probably heard about my comfy, old, blue chair.  It’s my favorite spot at home for quiet time with the Lord, to pray, to read the Bible, to listen to the Word of God made flesh as He speaks to me in the Word made alive by His Spirit. I’m writing while on the road, and I missed my chair this morning, but I didn’t miss out on hearing from Jesus.  I opened up my Bible, and He spoke, loud and clear in language I can understand. He spoke to me in my Psalm for the week about His abiding presence, His deliverance from all my foes, His divine shield of protection, His comfort and care while I sleep, His attentive, listening ear and His answers to all my prayers.  That was a good word to hear. He spoke to me in my reading from the Gospel of Matthew about how sick I am and how willing and able He is to heal me of my disease.  He spoke to me of bread from heaven that feeds my soul, of His grace and undeserved gifts to me, of His miraculous power to change every desperate circumstance, and of His perfect love that burst into my Bible_in_Lapworld in the abiding presence of His Son, Jesus, who still feeds and blesses and nurtures me. Spiritual wellbeing is feeding on the Word of life, humbly walking down my own Damascus road, not shocked and surprised that Jesus would speak to me, but still amazed and in awe that as I travel my dusty path through life, He does indeed speak. A Word of hope.  A Word of joy.  A Word of peace.  Just the Word I needed to hear today. I’ll be back home later in the evening tonight.  Tomorrow I’ll be up early to settle into my favorite blue chair.  He’s already there waiting for me because He has another Word for me. Speak, Lord.  Your servant listens. Thanks for reading! A Congregational Wellness Weekend is designed to help create a ministry environment at your church or school where professional church workers can thrive and serve joyfully in their calling at top capacity. Let’s start the conversation today! Find more information on our website or contact Program Director Darrell Zimmerman to learn more.