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Thank you. Seriously. Thank you!

Thank you. Seriously. Thank you!

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Thank you.

Even if every last person who was blessed by your ministry in the past month has said it, you haven’t heard it enough.

Thank you. One day, when we are all over-awed by the glory and splendor of the heavenly Jerusalem, you’ll hear it more often.

At least that’s what C. F. W. Walther believes.

In the twenty-seventh evening lecture on Law and Gospel he said, “Yea, I am forced to say that, if the holy angels, who have been confirmed in eternal bliss, were capable of envy, they would, even in their state of celestial glory, unquestionably envy every teacher of the Gospel.

“For all that is recorded concerning them in Holy Scripture does not equal the greatness of the office of teachers and preachers, in which men become helpers in the task of bringing fallen creatures back to their Creator.

(Here’s the good part!)

“Without doubt these rescued people will forever and ever thank those by whose ministry they were saved from perdition and brought back into life everlasting.”

Thank you. Seriously. Thank you.

You’re making a significant difference, eternally significant. I’m not suggesting that the Lord couldn’t do it without you. That’s not true.

But I am thankful that he has chosen you as his instrument for communicating the gospel message to your little corner of the world.

No matter how small or unnoticed your little corner of the kingdom may seem sometimes.

That’s the thing about the eternally significant work that we do; it’s not humanly possible to recognize the breadth of the impact our proclamation has.

It might take an eternity (or a really long time) to recognize all of the ripple effects of your ministry in the lives of people whom you have touched with the love of Christ. And the lives of the people they touched with the love of Christ. And the lives of the people they touched… (you get it).

As another year draws to a close, I hope you’ll take some time to pause and to find healing for all of the wounds of ministry, and to be replenished from all of the sacrifices you’ve made in recent months.

I know there have been many. I expect that there are far more than you at first would recognize. That’s why it’s important to take some time for meditation and reflection.

It’s the first step of healing. It’s a healthy way to begin the New Year.

Take some time for yourself, because self-care is not selfish.

And just to be sure that you hear it from one more voice before the end of another year…

Thank you.

And thanks for reading.