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They want to know YOUR Christmas story

Monthly theme: “Yes, with the help of God”

Reading time: two minutes

You defined what your ministry would be in your first day at the church.

It may be your best, (and shortest) sermon ever.

When you were asked if you were ready to fulfill the duties of your call, you said, “Yes, with the help of God!”

I pray the congregation was listening. You gave them the perfect combination of a prophet’s boldness, (“God sent me here,”) combined with a servant’s humility: “I can do nothing without Him.”

I hope they heard you.

I know that your Father in heaven was listening. He’s answered your plea every day since.

This Christmas, the people you serve want to hear God’s Word from heaven, the Word of God who became flesh for our salvation, Jesus, the hope of the world.

In this mystery of ministry, God has chosen that they would hear it from you. And they will.

You have a Christmas story to tell that’s all your own. During this holy season, you’re called to return again to the wondrous story that caused angels to sing, shepherds to gaze in wonder, and sages from the East to bow down in worship.

That story has, by the work of God in you, become your story. God has been at work in you since He first planted the gift of faith in your heart. That message of a Savior’s birth has shaped and molded who you are.

In the classroom, in the pulpit, in homes and hospitals, wherever you share the good news, the Word of promise and hope that you share is a Word that has already, by the power of the Spirit, had it’s way with you.

“Yes, with the help of God,” you promised. He heard. All through this busy, hectic, tiring, sometimes frustrating, often joyful season, He’s at work in you so that He can be at work through you. Remember 2 Corinthians 4.

Jar of clay. Bearer of the mystery. “… to show that this all-surpassing power is from God,” not from you.

His Word is the seed. His Word is the rain from heaven. (I guess that makes you dirt, but don’t carry the analogy too far!!)

As you share the Christmas story, you’re sharing a living testimony of how the song of angels has become your song, the wonder of the shepherds has become your wonder, the worship of the Magi has become your worship.

God did that in you. He’s promised to do that in them also, through you.

May your vow and His answer carry you through this busy time. “Yes, with the help of God.”

Thanks for reading.