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This ONE thing will launch your wellness plan. ONE thing.

This ONE thing will launch your wellness plan. ONE thing.

Monthly Theme: Your Wellness Plan. Reading time: two minutes.

I have a dream come true and I have a worst nightmare.

Both my dream and my nightmare happen every time we’re on retreat with church work couples.

For five days we discuss the Wellness Wheel, asking “How are you doing?” How’s your baptismal, spiritual, relational, intellectual, emotional, vocational, physical and financial wellbeing? Where do you need the healing touch of the gospel of Christ?

My dream comes true when church workers, spouses, and couples together announce their wellness plans. “When I/we get home, I’ll/we’ll be inviting and welcoming the Lord’s healing touch into my/our (relational, vocational, spiritual) life by…”

Then we hear about mending relationships by Christ’s forgiveness, or being more gracious about expectations of others, or time in God’s Word, or a fitness program, or financial counseling.

Here’s the nightmare. “I’m going to walk three miles a day, read my Bible for an hour, attend every soccer game, outline my sermons a year in advance, drink green stuff and re-learn Hebrew.”

Stop. Please. You’re killing me. And yourself.

Here’s the one thing: do one thing.

I’ve led table conversations around the Wellness Wheel hundreds of times. I love watching Jesus show up every time. For some folks, it’s a moment of revelation as we discuss the spiritual life. “Ouch. I need a blessing.”

For others it happens in the vocational discussion. “I’ve been trying to work my way into God’s approval.” Or it might be emotional. “It’s the conflict; my broken relationships need healing.”

Like Curly said in “City Slickers,” find that one thing.

A wellness plan first turns to Jesus for healing of past wounds in whatever area of your life is hurting the most. What’s broken? How did it happen? How have your been hurt? How will the grace of Christ bring healing?

Then a wellness plan looks forward. What does baptismal living look like moving forward? How will God’s mercy lead me to avoid the same hurt again? How can I be a bearer of healing to others?

Find the one hurt. Seek healing. Move forward in grace.

And when you’ve found substantial (never perfect!) healing, pick another topic.

A wellness plan identifies that one area that needs attention first, and it gets an idea about numbers two and three, but sets them aside for a while.

Don’t try to do everything at once. Where’s the grace in that?

Think of it as one big plan and seven little ones. Work your way around The Wheel and identify the area of wellness that would make the biggest difference right now. Spend some months seeking healing and a new way forward.

Your new practices eventually become one of your seven little plans as you direct attention to number two and seek healing there.

Periodic review using the assessments we discussed last month helps you keep in balance. Eight little plans. Daily renewal in grace.

Learning to live baptismally: dying and rising each day. Remembering that it’s a journey. A journey of grace.

Be gracious to yourself, too.

Thanks for reading.