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Your Maker is invested in your wellness

Monthly theme: Physical Vitality

Reading time: two minutes.

Relax. You’re entering the “No Should” zone.

Your Father in heaven, your Maker, your Owner, your Provider, your Healer is passionate about your physical wellbeing. He wants you to be at your best.

There are plenty of motivations for our physical self-care. I’ll discuss four of the big ones in this month’s posts.

But let’s skip the easiest, and most ineffective motivation: guilt.

I’m not going to talk about why “you should ________” (fill in the blank: eat well, manage your stress, get enough sleep, exercise regularly.) Let’s stay in the “no should” zone this month.

Instead, we’ll focus on the gospel motivations for being good to yourself for the sake of your various vocations in life.

Let’s start at the beginning, the First Article of the Apostles’ Creed.

If you’re reading this, somewhere inside you there’s a “Thank you, Lord!” for the miracle of eyesight, (and the wonder of corrective lenses!) Take a look at your hand. Flex your fingers. Even with a few creaky joints that the Lord in His providential care has allowed, no human designed machine can match it’s dexterity, strength, and sensitivity. Thank you, Lord!

God has breathed in you the gift of life, and gifted you with a wondrous body, albeit with certain limitations due to genetics, injury, age or illness, but a wonder just the same.

That’s reason enough to be a thankful steward of “this body and life,” of the gift of reason, of the senses, and of all your various members.

Remember that you don’t “have” a body; you are a body. The uniqueness of the human creation, this amazing wonder of body, mind, spirit that we are, was sanctified and affirmed when our Savior Jesus took this flesh upon Himself for the sake of our salvation. (Stay tuned for more on Second Article stuff next week.)

When Moses asked God who He was, He replied, “I AM who I Am.”

You’re made in His image. Your personhood makes you who you are; created by a loving God, part of this marvelous universe, still owned by it’s Maker.

That’s reason enough to cherish your physical wellbeing, and to care for your physical vitality, your ability to respond when He calls.

So eat well, put your body through some physical rigors as you are able, get enough sleep, manage the load of stress that can take its toll on you, not because anyone tells you that “you should,” but simply to show your gratitude to your loving Creator.

After all, the two of you have important work to do today.

And maybe tomorrow, too.

Thanks for reading.