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You're tired. You're needed! You've earned a little break.

Reading time: two minutes.

You’re half-way through Lent. You tried to get everything ready for extra worship services and Holy Week in advance, but you still feel like you’re playing catch-up.

You deserve a mid-Lenten mini-break. Here’s why.

It’s the oxygen mask speech on the airplane. You’re traveling through Lent with people who depend on you, and they need you at your best.

Self-care is not self-ish. Take a break. Serve better..

We all serve better when we’re at our best, our most joyful.

We’re at our most joyful when well fed on Word and Sacrament.

We’re at our most joyful when life at home is a place of grace and refuge and unconditional love.

We’re at our most joyful when serving with an “I love being in ministry in this place!” attitude.

So what, exactly, is a mid-Lenten mini-break? Let’s figure this out.

It’s simply a matter of discerning, “What’s the price I’ve paid in this busy season? Is it my life with God, my family life, or a vocational price, working so hard I’m getting frustrated and burned out?”

If you’re feeling a need to reconnect with the Lord in your own personal journey to the cross, this would be a perfect time for a mini-break.

Block out a morning or an afternoon before Holy Week, and mark your calendar “Professional Development.” Make the most of that time to be with the Lord, to reflect, rest in his grace, pray, renew, be filled.

Don’t plan too much, but ask yourself what you need the most. A favorite book of Lenten reflections? Time with the Passion narratives in the gospels, not related to sermon prep, but just for your own renewal? Would prayer and journaling be a time of renewal for you?

Simply ask, “What gift does the Lord have to offer me on my Lenten journey?”

Do that.

If you sense that your family life needs refreshment, work together with your beloved to find time to refresh and restore. Ask yourself, and ask them, “What would be a good way for us to reconnect? What renews our love?”

“How can we make a memory together and find a special way to express that even in this really busy season, our love for one another is our foundation?”

“What could we do that, in a practical way, will make our life together a sanctuary of love and mutual encouragement?”

Do that.

If it’s the demands of ministry that are weighing you down, gather with some key ministry leaders and ask together, “How can we simplify our Holy Week and Easter celebration?”

Over-functioning is serving beyond our capacity. If the demands of plans for Easter seem intimidating, maybe you’re trying to do more than the Lord expects.

Trim back, and leave room for the Lord himself to show up in unexpected ways of blessing as you simply gather around the message of hope and new life.

That’s Easter.

God bless you with Health and Joy in this busy season.